High Brew Coffee introduces 32-oz. cold brew coffees in renewable and recyclable Tetra Evero carton bottles. The packaging features the top shape of traditional milk containers with the environmental advantages of a carton.

Consumers can now pour as much of High Brew’s two most popular flavors, Double Espresso and Mexican Vanilla, as they like from their own refrigerators to keep them fueled throughout the day. The new 32-ounce size will also be found in the refrigerated dairy section of the grocery store unlike the shelf-stable High Brew portable cans we’ve come to know and love over the years, giving caffeine lovers two places to find that cold brew goodness.

The lightweight and recyclable carton is made mainly from a renewable resource: wood fiber from well-managed FSC-certified forests. The new packaging also highlights High Brew’s recent move to make a measurable impact on the community it sources its coffee beans from through a partnership with Delos Andes in Colombia, a non-profit, multi-active cooperative with over 3,500 coffee producers on site. The story of its direct-trade, single origin coffee bean source is prominently displayed so those enjoying a cold brew can rest assured knowing that what they’re drinking is making a real difference in people’s lives and the environment.

“High Brew was born from a sailing adventure with my family,” said High Brew Coffee Founder David Smith. “When you’re in the middle of the ocean you see how vast and beautiful our world is, but you also see the mark humans have left on the planet. We are continuing to minimize our environmental footprint because I want to ensure my kids have the same chance to explore this pristine world like I have. I’m so proud of this new environmentally-friendly packaging, along with the measurable impact we’re having on the community we work in. It’s incredible to see your vision come to life in different ways in the four years since I started High Brew.”

High Brew’s new 32-oz. multi-serve size is available in Mexican Vanilla and Double Espresso, and can be found nationwide in dairy aisles.