In response to the increasing and widespread demand for carton recycling access in communities large and small, the Carton Council of North America ( unveiled a new website,, designed to provide comprehensive information on the opportunities created for recycling professionals, elected officials and the entire packaging supply chain through carton recycling. The site also supplements an existing and popular website,, which is focused on educating consumers.

A highly recyclable commodity, food and beverage cartons are rising in popularity as a packaging solution. Fueled by consumer and stakeholder demand, there is a growing need to have cartons accepted in more recycling programs and facilities around the country. CartonOpportunities.orgwas developed to meet this need.

“This new website is designed to make it easier for anyone with an interest in carton recycling to find the information they need so they may join the carton family and begin to reap the benefits,” says Jason Pelz, vice president, environment, Tetra Pak North America, and vice president of recycling projects for Carton Council of North America. “When a recycling facility adds cartons and a community can start recycling their cartons, new opportunities arise. In addition to satisfying the needs of residents and opening up new revenue streams, when a new material is added to a program, all commodities stand to benefit by increased volume. It’s a winning proposition for everyone.”

The Carton Council’s goal with this new website is to arm professional audiences with all the information and guidance they need in one place. With industry-specific, tailored information, elected officials and recycling and solid waste industry professionals will learn how the addition of cartons can make their recycling programs more robust and convenient for residents, divert more from their local landfills, save on landfill tipping fees, and reach diversion and Zero Waste goals faster. Packaging, sustainability and supply chain professionals will also find the site a valuable resource with information on how they can help promote carton recycling and be a part of a successful voluntary producer responsibility effort.

Adding cartons is a big step in improving program convenience for residents because the more items that are accepted, the easier it is for them to participate. It is easy to start, and through this new website, people can now find all the information they need on the process in one central location. offers:

  • Carton recycling information, including best practices, case studies and FAQs
  • Information on how to add cartons to a community, facility or school
  • “Insider Access” Resource Library with exclusive information, graphics and technical information
  • News and updates on the latest in carton recycling

The “Insider Access” Resource Library is a section of the website where visitors can register for free-access materials and tools for promoting carton recycling, such as brochures and flyers, presentations and speeches, creative files and photos, and more.

“The Carton Council is providing necessary and welcome leadership in addressing the practical issues of carton recycling, and the Council’s work is providing huge benefits to community recycling programs,” says Scott Mouw, recycling section chief, N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources. “Its method of tackling the real challenges of education, collection, processing and end-use in an integrated fashion provides a model for other industry groups who want to improve recycling in the U.S.”

There is a national movement to recycle more cartons. More than 50 million U.S. households now have access to carton recycling, and 62 of the 100 largest U.S. cities accept cartons, including New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. For those looking to join the movement, this website offers the up-to-date information and resources they need to start quickly.