Although most conveying systems used for end-of-line packaging operations run at less than 300 feet-per-minute, faster conveyor speeds could sometimes be utilized on straight conveyor sections for high-volume throughput of lightweight, low-profile products.   

Shuttleworth, Inc., ( which provides specialty conveyor systems for packaging lines, has now released high-speed chain-driven conveyors capable of reaching speeds up to 495 FPM while maintaining product stability.  This allows manufacturers added versatility on their packaging lines, should they require the added conveyor speed.

“Previously, our conveyor systems could reach up to 300 feet-per-minute,” says Klaus Daenzer, senior plastics R&D engineer at Shuttleworth.  “We can now achieve the higher speeds, in part, because of improvements we have made in wear and friction engineering, particularly with its effect on plastics which is a critical component to longevity in conveyor operation.  Faster speeds produce higher force vectors, which can increase wear on conveyor components.  We have worked out how to greatly minimize these factors.”

Utilizing the latest controls technology of PLCs, motion control devices, servo-motors and variable-speed zoning, Shuttleworth conveyors are known for providing gentle product handling and precise product placement, particularly for use in the food, pharmaceutical, electronics, printing and solar industries where these criteria are critical. 

The high-speed conveyors can also be integrated with the company’s patented Slip-Torque® low-line backpressure technology for handling delicate products, and its and Servo-Infeed® technology for ultra-precise product infeed, such as into wrapping equipment.

“This high-speed end-of-line capability is product and application driven,” continues Daenzer.  “Manipulating product on the conveyors would not particularly lend itself to high-speed usage, nor would the handling of high-profile products.  But for high-throughput movement on straight-away sections, it can be very applicable.”