DynacleanDynamic Conveyor staff will be available in Booth #3119 to answer questions about how the new line of DynaClean conveyors can bring a quick return-on-investment to food processors and packagers. Manufactured using HDPE, UHMW and minimal 304 stainless-steel allows DynaClean conveyor systems to be competitively priced in the food processing and packaging markets. HPDE is a durable plastic material approved by the FDA, USDA and NSF and is used to manufacture the conveyor sidewalls. Being corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent, temperature resistant, blue in color, and less costly than stainless steel makes the HDPE material an ideal choice.  
The patent pending design of the DynaClean allows for quick and easy cleaning and sanitation. Without the need for tools, components can be removed in a matter of minutes giving complete exposure to the inside of the conveyor system. 
Environments that find it necessary to change frequently will benefit when purchasing DynaClean reconfigurable conveyors. The DynaClean system allows for configuration changes, which permit angle changes and the length to grow or shorten without compromising the integrity of the conveyor.  The versatility of the DynaClean conveyor system allows for a single, continuous conveyor to run straight, incline and/or decline while utilizing just one energy-efficient motor. The DynaClean Premium line also includes the option for lateral turns.  
Both ThermoDrive solid belting and modular plastic link style belting is available, including a choice of drive flights. Belts are specified to meet the needs of wet, dry or sticky foods. Two options of maintenance-free wash-down motors are also available and can be selected based on the desired ease of cleaning.