One of the largest global industry networks, the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF, has advised its members in its recently released Sustainability Activation Toolkit that the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is one of the forest management schemes that it supports.

The CGF brings together more than 400 retailers, manufacturers, service providers and other stakeholders across 70 countries with combined sales of EUR 2.5 trillion. This includes a wide range of well-known businesses such as Carrefour, Coca Cola, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg's, Kimberly-Clark, Loreal, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, Tesco, and Walmart.

In 2010, the CGF demonstrated leadership by pledging to mobilize resources within its respective businesses to help achieve zero net deforestation by 2020 in its Resolution on Deforestation. The publication of the Activation Toolkit takes the Resolution a vital step forward by helping companies of all sizes successfully implementing the necessary measures towards this ambitious goal.

"The consumer goods industry plays a significant role in the timber supply chain and can therefore be an important driver towards a responsible use of our forest resources," says Ben Gunneberg, PEFC secretary general. "PEFC is glad to able to be a part of the solution towards the industry's efforts to minimize its environmental and social impacts. In fact, by embracing the recommendation by the CGF and supporting PEFC, companies promote forest management practices that are environmentally sound, socially just, and economically viable."

"PEFC certification provides companies with the assurance that they are using a renewable resource in a responsible manner. We are committed to working with CGF member companies to assist them in implementing the recommendations of the Activation Toolkit," Mr. Gunneberg emphasized. "We look forward to contributing to solutions-oriented discussions at the first workshop of the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020 in Jakarta next week.”