As pet owners seek to provide their animals with the best lifestyles possible, spending on premium quality products is on the rise. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), in the past 5 years there has been an increase of almost 25% in pet related expenses, with Americans alone spending an estimated $53.33 billion on their pets in 2012. One third of that expenditure was on food and supplies, and as pets are increasingly treated as members of the family, their owners are looking to purchase higher quality goods for everyday use. CROWN Speciality Packaging North America, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc. (, is pushing the boundaries of pet product packaging and helping brand owners enhance their presence in the segment by creating visually appealing metal tins for premium lines.

Often used as the primary packaging for a product, metal tins can be designed, printed and formed to serve a variety of functions. Techniques such as high-resolution printing can be used to create compelling visual effects that capture the consumer’s attention. The use of special finishes and embossing makes packing more tactile, encouraging greater consumer interaction, while shaping technologies can create unique forms that stand out on store shelves. With any number of combinations available, the result is always packaging that conveys an exclusive look and feel that owners expect when purchasing quality products for their pets.

“Speciality Packaging not only helps brands to promote high-quality products, but it also enables pet owners to easily distinguish these premium goods on store shelves,” says Sheila Heath, Director of Marketing, CROWN Speciality Packaging North America. “By leveraging Crown’s expertise in creating superior, eye-catching packaging, brands can create distinct and elegant containers that speak to the needs of owners looking to purchase premium products.”

Unlike traditional formats for animal products, metal packaging offers a number of distinct benefits, not only for brands, but also for customers. Resistant to water, oxygen and light – all of which can compromise food products – metal packaging helps keep products fresh for longer periods of time, expanding their shelf life. Metal containers are also durable and simple to stack on shelves, making them easy to store at home and well suited to hold a range of goods, including pet treats, dry food, toys and accessories such as grooming tools and dental care products.

Along with wanting the best for animals, owners also continue to value products that promote sustainability and prefer packaging formats that are environmentally friendly, including when it comes to shopping for their pets. In addition to being 100% and infinitely recyclable, metal packaging is also completely reusable. Tins can be refilled with the original product or they can be used to store other items around the house, making packaging – and the brand message - a permanent item in pet owner homes.