BEUMER ( fundamentally reengineered its high-capacity layer palletizer BEUMER paletpac. The user now benefits from better accessibility, shorter assembly period, higher flexibility and, as a result, from lower costs. The system supplier thus continues to pursue the ambitious goal of offering its customers solutions that are sustainable in every respect. The BEUMER paletpac 2500 is incorporated into high-performance packaging lines to process highly sensitive and valuable products in a gentle and efficient manner.

With the layer palletizer series BEUMER paletpac, BEUMER supplies high-capacity machines, which stack bags filled with bulk material on pallets gently and exactly, layer by layer. The products include cement, mortar, pellets, industrial salts and fertilizers filled in paper, polyethylene or polypropylene bags. Owing to the geometric precision during layer and stack formation, stable bag stacks are formed. Multiple pallet loads created with the BEUMER paletpac can even be stacked one on top of the other to save storage space. To make the BEUMER paletpac even more sustainable, BEUMER has now redesigned the BEUMER paletpac 2500. Due to the optimization, BEUMER was able to lower the production costs, which is reflected in the purchase price. Furthermore, the optimized model also brings about a reduction in operating costs.

Trimmed to improve efficiency

In order to optimize the energy consumption in the new BEUMER paletpac, the intralogistics specialist exchanged the lifting frame for four chains with a counterweight. This saves considerable weight thus minimizing the energy needed for the lifting movement. The pallet is now pulled up by the chains. Previously, a large hoist drive was needed for the system, but now a small motor operating as a servo drive is sufficient. It results in further weight reduction, less maintenance and, accordingly, lower costs for the user. And when maintenance or cleaning is in order, maintenance personnel can access all the components more easily.

BEUMER has also made the overall structure of the BEUMER paletpac considerably slimmer. Their design engineers were able to save around 2.4 tons of material. Among other things, they have downsized the massive frame of the palletizer head. The redesign saves material costs and provides the user better access to the machine. Another important modification: the external frame elements can now be folded. In this way, the whole palletizer head fits into one transport container. The palletizer head doesn't have to be dismounted, and the total amount of containers sent to the customer can be reduced. It alleviates the transportation costs and shortens the assembly period on site.

The pallet pusher that automatically provides the hoist unit with empty pallets has also been modified by the BEUMER specialists. They have modified the guides for the pallet side plate, introduced a new lateral guide system, changed the drive performance and decreased the system width. Now the user can quickly and easily adapt the palletizer to different pallet sizes without the use of tools. The BEUMER paletpac palletizes bags up to a pack height of 2,400 millimetres, in all technically possible packing patterns and on any commonly used pallet size — including intermediate sizes such as 1,400 x 1,200 millimeters. A multi-program enables the user to set parameters easily and quickly. The BEUMER paletpac can be provided with a bar-type turning device or with a newly developed twin-belt turning device to position the filled bags quickly, ensuring their dimensional stability.

These innovations demonstrate BEUMER Group's commitment to the total value of ownership (TVO) approach. That means that each product is regarded as a whole and not just in terms of cost. According to this approach, all raw materials must be used with care and every effort must be made to continuously reduce energy and resource consumption, in the production cycle and in operating the machine.

For use in any branch of industry

With the BEUMER paletpac 2500, users can palletize up to 2,500 bags per hour. This enables manufacturers of chemical products, such as plastic granules or fertilizers, to meet the increasing throughput rates demanded in the market. In particular, paper, PE and PP bags are perfectly palletized. The modular structure permits adaptation of the BEUMER paletpac to special market- and customer-specific requirements. The bags stacked accurately on pallets can then be transported without problem to the downstream packaging system – for example, the BEUMER stretch hood.

BEUMER implements the entire process chain: from bagging, bag transport and palletizing to full pallet transport and packaging.