Ryson (www.ryson.com) introduces the 1900-260, a high capacity spiral conveyor with a 10” wide slat surface. This model offers space saving with a smaller footprint, when throughput of the 16” and 20” wide slats is not required. Its 1” drive chain gives this spiral a weight handling capacity of 3,600 lbs. It is capable of up to 20 feet of elevation change – depending on the incline/decline angle.

 The Ryson Mass Flow Spirals are suitable for vertically conveying bottles,cans, jars and generally anything round that needs to be conveyed in mass.  The 1900-260 gives Integrator partners and their clients a better choice for applications where they have tight spaces or require less throughput than what the larger mass flow units offer. It will be available with the same finish options as the rest of the Ryson product line.