Model XYT VFFS BaggerImproved visibility on store shelves, material savings, and a better display area for graphics ... these are just some of the advantages offered by Triangle’s Model XYT VFFS Bagger with 4-corner/quad seal bag capability. The quad seal bags feature a flat bottom, crisp corner seals, and optional offset back seal, which provides a clean space at the back of the package for additional graphics. For many products, such as cereal or crackers, the stand-up bags also offer improved sustainability and material savings, as they eliminate the need for a cardboard carton. Additional markets include IQF poultry or specialty products, confectionery and snacks. Available in intermittent or continuous motion, Model XYT can run bags up to 15“ wide in a variety of package styles, such as pillow, gusseted, and flat bottom/4-corner bags. Optional features include an integrated transverse zipper applicator. 

PACK EXPO booth 1722