Our top 50 beverage packagers list is here once again and as it was last year, Coca-Cola stands tall in the number one position at $48.02 billion in revenue for 2012. Anheuser-Busch InBev comes in at number two once again with a reported $39.76 billion. Not coincidentally, Coca-Cola and Bud Light are the top global soft drink and beer brands, respectively. According to Millward Brown, Coca-Cola is the top global soft drink brand, followed by Diet Coke in the second position, while Bud Light is the top global beer brand, followed by Budweiser.
PepsiCo came in the third spot once again with $32.10 billion, followed by Nestlé SA up over 2 billion from last year’s list with a reported $27.22 billion. Heineken NVI is in our fifth position this year with $23.77 billion dollars in revenue. We are excited to present this year’s informative chart in a ‘bottom’s up’ format, starting with the 50th spot and counting down to the number one position. 

Beverage Brand owners reveal positive outlook

Packaging Strategies’ annual snapshot of top publicly held consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) that do much of their business in the United States showed some fairly surprising results. It was mostly good news. While results in 2011 still showed the lingering effects of the global recession and the hesitation of consumers to spend much money, 2012 offered a different perspective for many of these companies.