For design engineers looking to learn more about adhesives and their integration into production processes, Henkel Corporation ( has fully updated their 40 Loctite® Equipment Showrooms to provide an easy, hands-on educational experience. The brand new showrooms will highlight the latest adhesive technologies and associated dispensing and curing equipment. Located in Loctite-certified distributor branch locations throughout the U.S., the showrooms will allow design and production engineers to design an adhesive application process using genuine Loctite adhesives and equipment before making a final purchase decision.

In September, October and November of 2013, each Loctite Equipment Showroom location will be holding an open house event to introduce new and existing customers to the latest Loctite equipment and adhesive innovations. Henkel engineers and fully-trained distributor staff will be on site to help with adhesive options and demonstrate the use and operation of the appropriate equipment to apply it. Both the Henkel engineers and authorized distributor representatives will assist customers in analyzing their production processes and selecting the adhesive and equipment that best meets their specific manufacturing needs.

At the open houses, the following dispense system training sessions are available: understanding dispensing principals, manual/semi-automated/automated dispensing; adhesive compatibility, integration with other processing equipment, maintenance and troubleshooting. Training sessions will also be available on light cure equipment technology including: how light cure works, static curing versus in-line processing, lamp types and their effect on cure, lamp life versus lamp type, customizing a curing system, and safety.

Visitors to any Loctite Equipment Showroom will find a full range of manual, semi-automatic and fully automated dispense equipment and accessories including hot melt applicators, syringe dispensers, fluid reservoirs, dispense valves and hand-held applicators. Light curing equipment on-site will include UV wand systems and flood cure systems.