Evergreen Packaging (www.evergreenpackaging.com) announces the launch of the fall 2013 Made By Milk Carton Construction Contest, themed "Transportation." Schools across the United States can win up to $5,000 by having classroom teams design and construct creations made from empty school milk cartons, which students save from their school lunches. The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2013.

"The Made By Milk program underscores Evergreen Packaging's commitment to promote milk consumption and carton recycling among school-aged children," says Katie Lewis, associate marketing manager at Evergreen Packaging. "The contest encourages students to be creative and work together to design and construct transportation-themed projects out of cartons. It's also a hands-on exercise on how cartons can be reused and recycled instead of thrown away."

Evergreen Packaging is the No. 1 manufacturer of gable-top cartons in North America. Since the 2012 inception of the Made By Milk contest, Evergreen Packaging has awarded cash prizes to 20 winning schools across the country. Last semester's grand-prize winner, Mustang Elementary in Mustang, Okla., used their winnings to make their school more eco-friendly by purchasing LCD tablets to reduce paper usage in art classes and replacing incandescent lighting with LED lighting.

Students in grades 1–12 are eligible for the Made By Milk contest. To enter, classroom teams are required to collect a minimum of 100 empty milk cartons to use in their carton creations, and write a 200-word essay about how their school will utilize the prize money.

Winning categories include:

  • Grand Prize – $5,000
  • People's Choice Award – $2,500
  • Elementary Winners (3 total) – $1,500
  • Middle School Winners (3 total) – $1,500
  • High School Winners (3 total) – $1,500