Wrigley engages Facebook fans to create new packaging.

Wrigley’s Orbit gum brand is calling upon fans to help influence the next series of gum pack designs through the Orbit Spotlight Series Facebook application.
  •   How it works: The Facebook app pulls numerical data from a user’s profile and generates a custom gum pack design unique to each individual.  The end result is an artistic representation of this info, essentially making each person’s Facebook life a work of art.

  •   Consumers then have the option to solicit votes for their personalized package designs, and the winning designs will have the chance to be on store shelves in 2012.

The Facebook application is part of a multiyear effort to support the brand’s fruit-flavored Remix line of gum. This past spring, college students from various creative disciplines participated in the Orbit Spotlight Series Design Contest by submitting original pack designs for Orbit gum’s latest gum flavor, Melon Remix. The contest successfully generated Orbit gum’s first ever crowd-sourced pack designs. Orbit is currently rolling out eight package designs submitted by these student winners at various retailers nationwide.

Designs can be generated for four Orbit fruit flavors: Strawberry Remix®, Tropical Remix®, Wildberry Remix™ and new Melon Remix™.

Each month, up to five winning packs per flavor will be chosen to become Orbit packs. Winning packs will be printed and sold in stores later this year.