The double header

The 3100 Series Easy Pack system from Cobalt Packaging ( features two independent, portable, flexible machines, the 100 Series Case Former-Packer and the 300 Series Collator. The 100 Series Case Former-Packer squares the case and tapes the bottom without moving the case. This results in higher quality cases because taping the stationary clamped case eliminates skewed case flaps associated with sidebelt-driven empty cases. The system utilizes Moving Tape Head Technology™ to bottom seal RSC, HSC, display, divider and double wall cases and manually pack the product. The Former-Packer can make empty cases at 15 cases per minute.
The 300 Series Collator presents the product in counted groups for hand-packing. Packing with this system is more efficient and ergonomic than turntable pack-off lines. The products suited for collating, counting and easy case packing by the operator include pouches, bags and cartons. The system allows for size to size changeover in two minutes. Cobalt Packaging’s 3100 Series Easy Pack system offers a quick payback of less than six months with reduced labor and increased throughput reported.

The bottle service

Schneider Packaging Equipment Company ( introduces the next generation Bottle Packer Row (BPR) case packer to its’ Robox family of products at Pack Expo 2013. The Robox BPR is suitable for packing blow molded Plastic HDPE, PET, PVC, PP and other bottles into service cartons with or without liner bags.
In response to industry demand and customer feedback, the Robox BPR is now completely modular allowing for faster deliveries and improved returns. The system can pack a wide variety of bottles and configurations. The Robox BPR pack one row at a time and orienting the bottle necks facing either up, down or alternating necks up or down by row or even every other bottle. It can also pack lay down layers on top of the case to maximize the number of bottles packed.
The Robox BPR is capable of throughputs of over 160 bottles per minute. The system is available with a wide range of standard options for tooling, layer pad, bottle inversion and liner bag handling. The system is also available in a variety of standard floor plans to minimize the footprint. 
The Robox BPR utilizes a FANUC robot for the flexibility to accommodate multiple bottle sizes and pack configurations. Quick change tooling allows for rapid changeovers to maintain high overall equipment effectiveness even for short production runs. The Rockwell PLC and HMI simplify operation and maintenance. Like other products in the Robox line, this system is completely self-contained and portable for easy installation and startup.
See it at Pack Expo: Booth# 2525

The customizable packer

The AR-200 Series Robotic Case Packer from Premier Tech Systems ( packs bags, bottles, cases, cans, bundles and more into boxes and other rigid containers. The AR-200 Series Robotic Case Packer comes standard or can be custom-designed for a customer’s precise needs. The simple operation does not require a flap holder thanks to robotic motion. This robotic case packer can also use single or dual robots, depending on the scale of production. This option accommodates a variety of customers with a wide range of product types. The robotic case packer features integrated vision, which allows it to pick up different kinds of products (multi-pick) and randomly-oriented items before packing them into cases or other rigid containers.
It features a user-friendly interface with quick changeover of packing patterns through stored recipes. It is designed to meet the most stringent safety standards currently on the market and offers flexible, gentle handling as well as a flexible footprint. The AR-200 Series Robotic Case Packer improves packaging efficiency and increases ROI.

The precision packer

Standard-Knapp ( will highlight its updated 939S Pic-N-Place Case Packer at Pack Expo 2013. The Pic-N-Place offers field-proven reliability for both partitioned and partitionless case packing. The Pic-N-Place uses adjustable, heavy-duty grippers to pick up and gently place an entire pack of product completely into the bottom of every case. This proprietary technology eliminates breakage and is capable of speeds up to 30 cycles per minute. Standard Knapp’s case packer also offers tandem case capability and packs to the last case without the need for any operator intervention. The Pic-N-Place is also available as a complete module which can be retrofitted onto existing Standard-Knapp 939S and 949S Versatron Case Packers.
See it at  Pack Expo: Booth# C2727

The quick changeover 

Packagers who need to run multiple package sizes and pack patterns for a variety of retailers now have a way to reach their goals and reduce downtime for case packer changeover with A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation’s ( Model 206 case packer. This packer offers the flexibility to pack many styles of cartons, cans and semi-rigid containers, single or multipacks, into RSC, HSC, HSC display cases or trays. Changeover is easily accomplished at the operator console- simply select the new product and case/tray size from the pre-programmed options and the motorized changeover is activated ensuring automatic, repeatable adjustment to the new specifications. For extreme product size changes where change parts are required, modules with locking handles are used to ensure simple, no-tools changeover. The Model 206 packs up to 30 cases per minute depending on the product and pack pattern and offers a case range from minimum 7”L x 6”W x 5.5”H to maximum 18”L x 16”W x 18”H.