X-Ray inspection system offers advanced inspection capability   

The new METTLER TOLEDO (www.mt.com) Safeline X33 series X-ray systems use a single vertical x-ray beam and utilize new high-sensitivity detector technology that allows the integration of a low power (20W) X-ray generator. The system features an improved user experience, sustainability credentials and highly functional design. It provides the tools to assist companies in complying with industry standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and is ideally suited to the inspection of small- and medium-sized packaged products. The X33 series system offers not only foreign body detection, but is also able to perform gross mass measurement for calculated portion control, ensuring product integrity. This combined model simultaneously protects profitability and ensures product safety and quality. 
PACK EXPO booth C-941

Faster, environmentally-friendly sanitary weighing   

Heat & Control’s (www.heatandcontrol.com) time-saving automatic set-up, easy-to-clean self-draining surfaces, ultra-fast electronics and wireless operation make Ishida RV weighers the performance leader for net-weighing dry, fresh and frozen foods. Enhanced automatic filters and controls provide optimal product feeding and external vibration control for the most accurate weighing. Designed for a green future, RV weighers comply with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) guidelines and feature three power modes that can reduce hopper drive amperage by up to 50%. Wireless access is available for Android tablet computers and smartphones so you can remotely operate the weigher, adjust feeders and review of statistics. Diagnostics can be performed by wire or wireless to reduce the need for in-plant service calls.  
PACK EXPO booth C-3514

High resolution, digital solution   

Linx Printing Technologies (www.linxglobal.com) will be showcasing the Linx TJ725, which incorporates Simply Smart Technology® to offer a high resolution, digital solution for coding onto outer cases, boxes, shelf ready trays and packaging. Supplied in just a few pieces out of the box, the Linx TJ725 is simple to fit without needing a service engineer or special installation tools. Linx’s new Active Cartridge Care System® saves money and cuts waste by slowing the nozzle drying process, making first prints more reliable every time. The nozzles are covered and protected when not in use and uncovered automatically when the first product is sensed, so the Linx TJ725 is ready to produce high quality prints as soon as they’re needed. In addition it can sense how much ink is left in the cartridge, and forecast the number of prints remaining. 
PACK EXPO booth S-5866

Palletizing and depalletizing solutions    

Intelligrated® (www.intelligrated.com) will feature its Alvey® robotic palletizing and depalletizing solutions at the show. The in-booth demonstration will feature an interactive system with robotic arms equipped with custom end-of-arm tooling, software and controls, integrated with Intelligrated pallet conveyor and motor driven roller case conveyor. One robotic arm will palletize multiple case sizes while a second arm will perform vision-guided random case depalletizing. Booth visitors can choose their own case load sequences and see the robots execute the order in real-time. The robots’ flexibility, combined with advanced software and vision technology, enables handling of variable loads and products and brings the speed and accuracy of automation to previously manual processes. 
PACK EXPO booth C-2036

Auger fillers are washdown capable    

Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery (www.spee-dee.com) is exhibiting its Sanitary Washdown Auger Filler, which can be washed down with FDA-approved cleaning agents at a water temperature of 160 degrees F and water pressure of up to 250 PSI. Spee-Dee’s Sanitary Washdown Auger Filler prevents product corruption from outside sources as all mechanical connections and potential catch points are located outside the product contact area. Additionally, the fillers have angled surfaces, a sloping shroud and a dome-shaped hopper cover to allow any fluids to drain away from the machine. 
PACK EXPO booth C-3745

Costs reduced with food processing & packaging conveyors   

Dynamic Conveyor (www.DynamicConveyor.com) introduces its new line of DynaClean conveyors that can bring a quick return-on-investment to food processors and packagers. Manufactured using HDPE, UHMW and minimal 304 stainless-steel allows DynaClean conveyor systems to be competitively priced. HPDE is a durable plastic material approved by the FDA, USDA and NSF and is used to manufacture the conveyor sidewalls. Being corrosion resistant, non-toxic, non-absorbent, temperature resistant, blue in color and less costly than stainless steel makes the HDPE material an ideal choice. The patent pending design of the DynaClean allows for quick and easy cleaning and sanitation. Without the need for tools, components can be removed in a matter of minutes giving complete exposure to the inside of the conveyor system. The versatility of the DynaClean conveyor system allows for a single, continuous conveyor to run straight, incline and/or decline while utilizing just one energy-efficient motor.  
PACK EXPO booth C-3119

Auto-adjust system for machine change-over points improves line efficiency     

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc. (www.schneiderequip.com), introduces ProAdjust™, an innovative add-on solution that automatically adjusts the change-over points of most machines. ProAdjust makes changeovers fast, accurate and repeatable which can dramatically improve a machine’s overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and lower costs. ProAdjust is compatible with most machinery in every industry. It is a self-contained system consisting of a controller and integrated PowerPacks that provide the motion. The system is specifically designed to meet the requirements of what an auto-adjust system needs to be while being easy to implement. The system is scalable from one to hundreds of adjustment points. Wiring is plug-and-go, and most importantly, no programming is required. ProAdjust uses a simple point and click touch screen interface for one-time machine setup and features an easy setup for creating and editing “recipes.” 
PACK EXPO booth C-2525

Packaging tape features higher adhesion on highly recycled boxes   

Shurtape (www.shurtape.com), with its commitment to exacting standards, introduces new HP 235 Packaging Tape, a standard-gauge tape solution that delivers better performance and adhesion on highly recycled corrugate – including 100% recycled. As the recycled content in corrugated containers increases, so does the volume of fiber and dust, which affects packaging tape’s ability to create a secure seal. HP 235 is a 2.0-mil, pressure-sensitive packaging tape with an enhanced adhesive engineered specifically for sealing highly recycled corrugated containers, particularly 100% recycled. The optimized adhesive formula results in higher adhesion and higher shear, and also provides for increased fiber tear when the tape is removed, offering tamper-evident security. 
PACK EXPO booth S-6105

Bagger for 4-corner, flat bottom bags offers improved packaging display     

Triangle’s (www.trianglepackage.com) Model XYT VFFS Bagger with 4-corner/quad seal bag capability offers improved visibility on store shelves, material savings and a better display area for graphics. The quad seal bags feature a flat bottom, crisp corner seals, and optional offset back seal, which provides a clean space at the back of the package for additional graphics. For many products, such as cereal or crackers, the stand-up bags also offer improved sustainability and material savings, as they eliminate the need for a cardboard carton. Additional markets include IQF poultry or specialty products, confectionery and snacks. Available in intermittent or continuous motion, Model XYT can run bags up to 15“ wide in a variety of package styles, such as pillow, gusseted and flat bottom/4-corner bags. Optional features include an integrated transverse zipper applicator. 
PACK EXPO booth C-1722

Horizontal shrink wrapper uses less film   

ARPAC’s (www.arpac.com) XLR8 Servo-Driven Side Seal Horizontal Shrink Wrapper is a versatile, servo-driven packaging machine capable of wrapping up to 140 packages per minute in clear or print registered film. The continuous motion XLR8 film folding system eliminates the need for multiple forming heads with its adjustable film former. Unlike conventional film inverters, the XLR8 film path ensures equal transfer of grouped products onto the film without skewing the product configuration, making it ideal for multipacks and irregular shaped products. The XLR8’s unique film forming and feed method will use up to 2” less film than similar competitive machines. In addition, the single wound film requirement increases the film capacity by more than 100% thus improving productivity and reducing downtime caused by film change. 
PACK EXPO booth C-1535

Vertical form fill seal machine is versatile

Parsons-Eagle Packaging Systems’ (www.parsons-eagle.com) Phaser XP Vertical Form, Fill, Seal Machine combines operational simplicity with superior performance and reliability at a minimal investment. The machine is a versatile and cost effective solution to your VFFS needs. The Phaser XP is capable of producing pillow, gusseted or flat bottom packages from 2 inches to 13 inches in width and 3 inches to 15 inches in length at speeds in excess of 60 packages per minute. Features include color touch screen control, quick-thread film path, and an open architecture construction for ease of changeover and maintenance. The Phaser XP offers a number of machine options including a package support with eject, ultra-low profile frame design, fiber optic print registration, polyethylene film seal jaws, hole punch, tear notch, flavor injection, pre-zippered reclosable package solutions and many more. 
PACK EXPO booth C-1725 

Conveyor system features quick changeover   

NERCON Engineering & Manufacturing (www.nercon.com) will showcase a conveyor system with Conveyor Change-over Efficiency Loop with safety and energy-monitoring features. Demonstrations that focus on the system’s quick changeover conveyor loop will allow users to test and compare various levels of changeover solutions. Manufacturers with multiple stock-keeping units can discover strategies for increasing production efficiencies. Nercon Engineering & Manufacturing is a manufacturer of standard and specially-designed conveyor systems for the food, beverage, health & beauty packaging industries. Their systems work with aluminum, tin or paperboard cans, cartons, jars, PET containers, pouches & bags, cardboard overwrap and paper or plastic trays. 
PACK EXPO booth C-3100

Servo rotary shrink wrap system runs millions of cycles     

Extreme Packaging Machinery’s (www.extremepkg.com) Revolution XR-Series servo rotary shrink wrap system comes with a patented rotary cross seal mechanism that can literally run millions of cycles without the wear and tear found with competitive systems. The XR Series is ideal for high speed applications, capable of wrapping 200 products per minute. The stainless steel wash down design and innovative servo multi-belt infeed is ideal for bakery applications where debris can fall off products. The infeed design maximizes uptime and allows debris to fall away prior to reaching critical machine components in the film sealing areas, allowing the wrapper to operate without need for frequent cleaning. The PackML-compliant machine uses Allen-Bradley control platform. A color touch screen HMI operator station on a swivel mount for universal operation, integrates control of the infeed, wrapper and tunnel in one location, with all settings available in stored recipes. 
PACK EXPO booth C-1051

MDX technology detects the hidden villains in a pack     

Eagle Product Inspection’s (www.eaglepi.com) will present its Eagle™ Pack 430 system. This machine utilizes advanced dual energy technology ‘Material Discrimination X-ray’ (MDX), allowing food manufacturers to detect and remove contaminants in mid-sized, packed products with complex density levels such as pre-packed salads, snack items and frozen vegetables. MDX technology meets food manufacturer’s demands to ensure complete product safety regardless of content, packaging type and format.  The consistency of multi-textured and combination products results in crowded x-ray pictures, making it difficult to detect glass slivers, plastics, calcified bones or rocks with traditional x-ray systems. To overcome this, MDX uses two energy spectrums and a dual-layer inspector to filter materials by their chemical composition. This enables food manufacturers to identify contaminants, even on busy x-ray images, ensuring that contaminants are removed before the product reaches the supermarket shelf, safeguarding the consumer and upholding brand reputation. 
PACK EXPO booth C-615

Flavor system offers consistent coverage     

tna (www.tnasolutions.com), will demonstrate its flagship high performance seasoning, bagging and conveying solutions at the show. For the first time in the US, visitors can see the latest evolution of tna’s leading intelli-flav® seasoning range, the new tna intelli-flav OMS 5. Delivering flexibility in on-machine seasoning (OMS) applications, the system offers consistent coverage and flavor for both wet and dry seasoning. Fully integrated with both oil spray and flavor injection systems, tna’s new OMS system provides total control of adhesion and fast flavor changes for snack lines. Further performance benefits are achieved through the enhanced position of the scarfplate on the infeed. Mounted to the edge of the drum, the scarf better directs the product into the spraying and flavoring area, providing high quality seasoning performance. Additionally, the newly designed scalloped infeed conveyor allows more product to enter the seasoning drum, while also helping to control product direction for greater accuracy and reduced waste. 
PACK EXPO booth S-6963