Omega Design Corporation (, a global provider of innovative packaging machinery and serialization solutions, and the worldwide leader in bottle unscrambling technology, now offers the Intelli-Code Carton Coding and Inspection System for the printing of unit-level data on individual cartons via thermal ink jet or laser printing.  Intelli-Code also employs an integrated vision system to verify printed data and connectivity to any Serialization Data Management System.

Omega Design’s Intelli-Code can be easily incorporated into new or existing carton lines or deployed as part of an independent serialization cell.  It supports a variety of customer choices regarding preferred printing technologies, camera and inspection vision systems, and connectivity to serialization software, from a variety of providers.  Intelli-Code is also easy to operate, employing an intuitive fail-safe programming logic that decreases the risk of human error.

Intelli-Code features two Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch screens: a 17” monitor is dedicated to the serialization system, while a 7-inch screen manages machine automation controls.  Carton spacing is assured via a vacuum or flighted conveyor.  A reject system, utilizing fail-safe programming logic, directs all product to a reject bin allowing only verified products to pass.

“Omega Design’s Intelli-Code Carton Coding and Inspection System provides efficient unit-level serialization that is increasingly being mandated around the globe,” says Glenn Siegele, president of Omega Design Corporation.  “As more and more pharmaceutical companies and contract packagers realize their need for unit-level track and trace capabilities, a machine such as the Intelli-Code is seen as an attractive option due to its uncomplicated line integration and ease of use.”