Campbell’s ( Dual Lane Revolution Flow Wrapper offers increased productivity for low-profile products such as crackers, candies, syringes, and many other food and non-food products. Two lanes of products are wrapped simultaneously to produce packages at speeds up to 1,200 packages per minute, depending on product size and packaging material used. The dual lane design requires less floor space than two single lane wrappers yielding greater throughput at reduced costs.

The wrapper features a sanitary modular design with a cantilevered tube forming section to allow debris to fall away from internal drive components. All parts in contact with the product are manufactured out of stainless steel or FDA approved materials. The rugged steel frame construction and timing belt drive components provide for machine durability and smooth, maintenance-free operation.

The servo driven Dual Lane Revolution Wrapper utilizes an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC, Kinetix servo amplifiers, A-B MPL servo motors, and an Allen-Bradley PanelView color touchscreen operator interface. The machine is capable of handling a wide variety of heat or cold seal packaging materials. The wrapper offers many options such as automatic film splicing, out of position product/no cut feature, no product-no package feature, and automatic reject systems. The Dual Lane wrapper can be integrated with automatic feeders and other auxiliary equipment.