Simco-Ion ( introduces the all new Pinner-LP bar, which is part of their Chargemaster Electrostatic Generating System. With its low profile design, the Pinner-LP is the smallest in the series making it easier to fit in tight spaces. The 30kV bar is engineered to provide powerful pinning performance for multiple applications, especially in roll-to-roll changeover. A large variety of lengths are available, including new longer lengths up to 147-inches.

Skillfully designed advancements make the Pinner-LP a safe and durable bar for rugged Industrial use. The bar will regulate the amount of electrical current drawn from the power supply preventing hard arcs from occurring. Damage to materials and equipment interference is eliminated delivering a more uniform performance. The Pinner-LP is equipped with Simco-Ion’s Bastion™ emitter pins for greater longevity, and the flexible, robust cable adds to the safety and versatility of this bar.

The Pinner-LP is compatible with both Simco-Ion’s Chargemaster VCM, as well as the MCM 30 charging generators. These units both offer remote operation capability and are programmable for either voltage or current control mode.

With its low profile design, Simco-Ion’s Pinner-LP makes it possible for to get the charge where it is needed. Despite its small size, the Pinner-LP is reliable for all pinning needs.