While it’s said that more isn’t always better, consumers seem to disagree. Buying in bulk offers savings, convenience and easy shopping. Rather than filling a shopping cart with loose items, consumers can grab a multipack of that product they use all of the time. Additionally, the multipack offers brands more opportunities to interact with consumers and showcase their brand identity. The secondary packaging gives brands an additional canvas, allowing them to add value to the package and highlight different aspects of their products.


From me to you

Often, multipacks serve simply to do what their name implies, keep multiple items together in one package. However, Hi-Cone (hi-cone.com) made over the multipack as a way for companies to interact with consumers.

Hi-Cone has created a new carrier that features takeaway items. These carriers offer a variety of takeaway items including bookmarks, wristbands, trading cards, window clings and stickers. And Hi-Cone isn’t stopping there. The company is looking into more creative ideas for brands.

“This type of carrier has enormous potential in the global market. Beverage companies depend on their packaging to provide ongoing in-store marketing edge. The takeaway item with the carrier provides differentiation for the brand, creates shelf appeal and makes the brand exciting,” says Ton Hoppenbrouwers, Hi-Cone global director business development.

The carriers also offer minimal packaging with several advantages. Hi-Cone carriers are made with photodegradable LDPE, which breaks down naturally in the environment. Exposure to sunlight makes the carrier brittle, which helps reduce their risk to wildlife. The carriers are waterproof, allowing for entire multipacks to be placed in ice. Also, takeaway items can be removed without affecting the integrity of the pack. These packs are also available in a variety of colors for both the carrier and the hot stamp.

“The take away item provides an opportunity for brands to connect with their consumers in a new way. And it demonstrates that Hi-Cone minimal packaging can have maximum impact,” says Elizabeth Sheaffer, Hi-Cone’s direct of marketing.

I want to hold your handle

Roberts PolyPro (robertspolypro.com), powered by  Pro Mach (promachinc.com), has created a new extruded HDPE handle for gallon jug two-packs. The handles offer a thinner, lighter, lower cost product that uses 46% less plastic than injection molded handles. Despite the lighter weight and fewer materials, the handles test stronger in drop tests than previous generation handles. Roberts PolyPro expects the handles to rate well on sustainable packaging scorecards.

“[Companies] will benefit by acquiring a more sustainable handle at less cost and consumers receive a convenient handle that performs better for carrying two gallons of milk,” says Chris Turner, Roberts PolyPro sales director. “Fewer pallets are needed to deliver a higher number of handles. This leads to shipping savings. These recyclable two-pack handles are good for business, society and the environment.”

Come together

pink salmon can, can mulitpack
Hold me tight
Multipacks are not just for beverages. The growth of single-serve and convenience packaging, as well as club store packaging, is spurring food packages into the multipack world. PakTech (paktech-opi.com) has released a new handle designed to multipack 4-6 food cans, offering a consumer-friendly alternative to a traditional market. The handles fit over the top of the cans allowing a clear view of the can labels. Thanks to the sturdy packaging, consumers can grab several cans all at once and release them as they use them without compromising the integrity of the packaging.
Sustainability is always a concern when more packaging is added to products, but the new handles eliminate the traditional secondary packaging like shrink wrap, corrugated trays or paperboard boxes. The handles are 100% recyclable and made with 96% # HDPE Post-Consumer Recycled resin.

AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water offers a healthy beverage and innovative packaging. The proprietary, patented, ball-shaped bottles stand out so children take notice. On top of that, AquaBall packs their product in packages featuring licensed characters from major entertainment and media companies. Earlier this year, AquaBall launched a new six-pack package, containing six 12-ounce bottles.

“AquaBall Naturally Flavored Water has become a national brand and this is a natural component of the brand’s evolution,” says Lance Leonard, CEO of True Drinks, the makers of AquaBall. “The time is right for us to expand our portfolio and generate line extensions to include pack-size variations.”

The national director for sales at True Drinks, Jason Dorfman, says the move to include mass merchants and large format retailers meets the needs of consumers who have tried the product and now want to make it a routine purchase.

“The new six unit multi-pack is designed to showcase our award winning bottle design and label imagery,” says Kevin Sherman, chief marketing officer for True Drinks. “AquaBall has a reputation for being innovative both in general composition and physical design and delivery. Our new multi-pack is no exception offering fully retail display ready packaging that will combine product features and benefits along with the ability for the consumer to view the physical units through a clear-shrink, low side-walled encasement.”

Attention grabbing packaging is on the rise, especially in the beverage industry. Where many brands previously featured the same styles of multipack packaging, brands are now seeing that unique and innovative secondary packaging can highlight the primary package and bring additional shelf appeal to the product. New multipacks also offer more sustainable options that reduce the impact of the package, often saving the company money and giving the consumer a more convenient package.