Jorge Izquierdo, PMMIIt’s taken a while to get here, but food processors are gradually picking up on the advantages of automation. Robots on the plant floor help manufacturers remain competitive by decreasing line errors, increasing production and making operations safer. According to the 2014 Trends in Robotics Market Assessment released by PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, over half of companies currently using robotics expect to increase their use in their processing lines to take advantage of these benefits.

The question for food industries is not —and never really was—whether robots make sense on the manufacturing line. The question all along has been which type works best for a given application.


Hawk vision

Advances in computer vision technology have been a major force behind the widespread adoption of robotics. Better vision improves the performance of end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) in robotics. That means faster and more accurate product handling. State-of-the-art EOATs enable robots to capture and identify objects by their shape, size and color. For example, robots have been programmed to intelligently identify and select just the right object to go in just the right place at just the right time. This capability can help manufacturers improve efficiency and accuracy in their processing and packaging lines.


Enhanced safety

With more stringent food safety regulations on the horizon, manufacturers are looking to robotics for help. Robots reduce the risk of contamination by decreasing or eliminating direct human contact with food and beverage products throughout the supply chain. Furthermore, today’s robots are designed with smoother casing and tighter seals to prevent bacteria from growing in crevices.


The productivity factor

By integrating automation into their lines, both small and large companies can take a massive leap forward. The use of robotics helps manufacturers boost production while providing consistent quality—resulting in greater profit and brand integrity. With the ability to multitask, today’s automation technologies can help boost production. For instance, a robot can transport one product from one place to another while simultaneously communicating with other devices such as an operator panel, or plant network.

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