Emerson's (emerson.com) innovative System Plast® multi-directional, roller-top conveyor belt makes packages dance to the user's tune with the ability to align them to any angle, divert them, sort to multiple lanes, rotate, combine, or gap them – all non-contact. The innovative plastic belt is highlighted in one of Emerson's three System Plast conveyor demonstrations at Interpack, which will include exhibits of packaging industry bearing solutions from Sealmaster, McGill, Rollway and System Plast as well.

System Plast 2253RT roller-top belt simplifies conveyor system design and installation with its independently controlled moving surface that provides multi-function product handling in a small footprint. The roller-top surface easily handles large or small, flat-bottom products, moving them on 12.5 mm balls spaced on 25.4 mm (1") centers. It supports loads up to 9,000 Nm/m (617 lb/ft) or 0.5 kg/ball (1.1 lb/ball). The belt's non-contact product manipulation eliminates impact and abrasion damage from pushers, as well as the need for mechanical adjustment or changeovers for conventional diverters or guides.

The low-friction, 8.7-mm (0.34") thick, acetal main belt is comprised of small cells carrying high-wear, free moving polyamide balls. Secondary drive belts underneath the plastic belt control the speed and rotation of the balls to manipulate packages while the belt is moving or stopped. The 2253RT belt demonstrates its capabilities in a video at youtube.com or search "Emerson Power Transmission Solutions" on the site.

Sustainable food/beverage conveying

System Plast will also prove the resource conserving capability of its low-friction NG™ chain and Nolu®-S wear track with a side-by-side demonstration comparing the electrical demand for two identical conveyor sections, one of them using industry standard LF acetal chain and UHMW wear track. Ideal for dry conveying applications in the food/beverage processing, Nolu-Swear track with impregnated dry lubrication drastically reduces a conveyor's coefficient of friction, eliminating the need for conventional soap/water sprays or any lubricant.

In conjunction with SomiCon, System Plast will also illustrate the high-speed, low-noise advantages of its 2256 side-flexing NG chain and Nolu-S wear strips with a demonstration of high-speed conveying through S-curves and inclines/declines.

The combination of NG chain and Nolu-S wear track is used worldwide to help reach sustainability goals in food/beverage processing, with proven capability to reduce water consumption, energy use, maintenance and noise on conveyor lines.

Packaging industry bearings for dry and wash-down applications

In addition, Emerson will exhibit a wide variety of sustainable bearing solutions for dry or wash-down applications in packaging. These include Emerson's CRES series bearings (Corrosion Resistant Engineered Solutions), such as Sealmaster®and System Plast mounted bearings, and McGill®Camrol®cam follower bearings. CRES bearings are engineered for the food/beverage industry using various materials and patented sealing systems to extend life and optimize performance in corrosive conditions, while meeting CIP (Clean in Place) and SIP (Steam in Place) sanitation requirements. Rollway®stainless steel bearings will be featured as well.

New interactive System Plast catalog has mirror edition in print

 System Plast's complete SmartGuide™ interactive catalog is available at systemplastsmartguide.com. It allows component research/selection, loading a shopping cart, developing a bill of materials, accessing drawings/technical data, specifying popular and related components and finding distributors. In addition to documents on design guidelines, material characteristics, chemical resistance and construction details, links in the catalog can access System Plast's SPEC™ load and strength calculator and energy savings calculator. The mobile app "System Plast Conveyor Solutions Calculator" is also available to determine the conveyor's water and energy savings potential in specific line layouts. The app is available on the powertransmissionsolution.com website under the "Resources" tab or through iTunes or Android.