In order to meet market expansions for improved customer convenience, the packaging industry creates increasingly complex closures. In addition, requirements with respect to tamper evidence and hygiene exist not only in the food industry but also in the field of pharmaceuticals.

For tamper-evidence, there are various approaches, such as banderoles or shrink-wrapping as an external packaging feature.

Alternatively or additionally, liners are sealed onto the container opening, to then be retired upon consumption. Unfortunately, in some cases, the removal of these protection elements is really challenging. This may, in the long-run, lead to loss of reputation and a consequent decrease in business volume for the brand in question.  With these thoughts in mind, Meyer Seals (, Europe’s leading manufacturer of tamper evident closure lining materials, has developed three innovative products whose main objective is to simplify processes that, until now, appeared to be unbeatable:

Turbine Tab

Through its discrete (yet fully functional and consumer-friendly) tabs that can be adapted to several closure lay-outs, Turbine Tab has made it to extremely simplify the way seals are retired from jars rims without affecting parameters on the production line on both the cap manufacturer’s and the bottler’s end.

Pierce ‘n’ Peel

Pierce ‘n’ Peel is the most novel product in the industry. As the first liner to incorporate a laser-cut perforation on its structure, it has come to revolutionize the way we are used to think of sealing technology. At the touch of a finger, its customizable tab emerges and turns its easy peel feature into an even simpler process.


 ALKOflex AFT (Aluminum-Free Tab) is the name of the first one-piece Induction Heat Sealing liner in the market designed to address the technical issues that arise from incorporating a big bend-over metal-based tab to the packaging configuration of any product. Its tab guarantees a smooth heat distribution and, hence, a cleaner result; in all senses.