Brand owners can add a new level of convenience for hot-fill and retort applications such as soup, nutritional beverages, coffee and tea with the help of the 40mm Ideal Closure® from CROWN Closures Americas, a business unit ofCrown Holdings, Inc..

Compatible with plastic or glass containers, the Ideal Closure delivers superior barrier performance, easier opening and brand differentiation on the retail shelf. The closure is a unique hybrid of a plastisol-lined metal disk and a plastic band. The metal disk forms an airtight seal against the container to guard against oxygen ingress while the consumer-friendly plastic band is easy to grip, enhancing the opening experience. The closure’s two-stage opening mechanism separates the force required to overcome the friction between the closure threads and the container from that required to release the vacuum in the package, further easing opening for consumers.

The design of the closure also creates multiple opportunities for brand owners to differentiate their products on the shelf. Logos, messaging and nutritional value can be printed on the metal disc and different flavors can be communicated with distinctively colored plastic bands.

The Ideal Closure® is also fully recyclable, allowing consumers to include it in the same recycling system as the rest of the package.

Crown Holdings, Inc.