Coregistics (, a packaging-centric supply chain services company, announces a new liquid filling capability, commonly referred to as “sachet filling,” that further rounds out the company’s primary packaging offering.

This format, which is rapidly gaining popularity among consumer goods companies and consumers themselves, is ideal for liquids, creams and gels and is applicable to a wide range of packaging initiatives including product samples and single dose/single use configurations for food, beverage, household, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetics customers. 

Leveraging its expertise with horizontal form fill seal equipment and technology, as well as volumetric delivery systems, Coregistics has developed a flexible solution that begins with tanker truck handling/unloading, pumping and liquid/gel storing. Once the liquid or gel is delivered to the highly-automated sachet line, the machine, which utilizes laminated film on a roll, forms the bottom of the “pouch” and heat seals the sides to create the individual sachets. The system then dispenses the exact amount of required product into each sachet before sealing the top to create the final package. 

This approach allows Coregistics to offer its customers an extremely versatile packaging solution, with sachet sizes that range from less than 2” in length and width to more than 13” in length and 5.5” in width. Format options include stand up or gusseted sachets or pouches, die cut shapes and a variety of hole punches. To further support the needs of its customers, Coregistics offers a number of sealing options including easy-open, directional pour spouts and re-closable seals or “zippers." 

“Our customers expect us to drive packaging innovation and this powerful, efficient, flexible sachet option delivers on that expectation,” says Eric Wilhelm, chief executive officer of Coregistics. “For many of our customers, this format is replacing the traditional sample bottle or container. By eliminating the costly, bulky bottles, customers recognize a number of benefits including significant reductions in material costs, storage space and carbon footprint. This, in turn, leads to supply chain node reduction, which is always a good thing. But I believe the real value of this approach lies in the impact these sachets make on the consumer. Forward-thinking brands are using sachets in new and ingenious ways to enhance the consumer experience. Coregistics not only offers our brand-owner customers this filling capability, but we help them push the sachet filling envelope in creative and innovative ways as well."