Gwalia Packaging Group (, the South Wales based packaging manufacturer, is this week able to announce the launch of wRist-Drink which managing director Rod Parker says, “Will be the super cool must-have for people on the go during 2014”.

Gwalia is a packaging manufacturer; a family company established in 1968, it consists of Dragon Plastics which makes closures, or bottle tops, and Gwalia plastics, which makes containers or bottles.

wRist-Drink, designed, developed and marketed by strategic partner Wrist Drink Ltd, is a 330ml container that fits on the users’ wrist and may be used for energy drinks, soft drinks or plain water. It is dishwasher safe and incorporates a high quality, non-spill cap.  It is extrusion blow moulded in high-density polyethylene and simply will not “wear out.”

It will fit securely on your wrist whether you’re petite, 5 feet and 110 pounds or if you’re 6 feet 6 inches and 200lbs. This is because of its design and material specification.

Keeping well hydrated is essential for anybody doing physical exercise whether it be simple working out, jogging, or more serious stuff like parkouring. The problem is that carrying the, usually cumbersome; water bottle is onerous and inconvenient.

wRist-Drink solves this in an elegant and practical way. More than that it looks good and may be worn. Wrist drink works with PE kit, jogging scruffs or a business suit with a briefcase in the other hand.

“We’re moving packaging into fashion,” continues Rod Parker. “And why not?  Hydration is healthy, whatever you’re doing. As a packaging company we’re expected to make packs useful and effective. This time though we’ve gone one step further and made them cool. In my opinion, super cool.”

 wRist-Drink is supplied boxed with a sweat band and is available initially in three colours, businesslike black, vibrant orange and shocking pink, it will be available on the web at and at sports shops this summer with major retail outlets following.