Insulation DuoSmart is an entirely new solution combining the best features of an EPS drinking cup with a superior decoration of an offset printed paper banderole. The new paper-plastic solution offers customers a great chance to distinguish their product and to let consumers enjoy the taste of hot drinks safely. 

In spring 2014 the European Coveris Rigid Division ( launched an innovative DuoSmart solution for the consumer food service business sector. The result of intensive research and development is a foamed plastic drinking cup decorated with a high quality offset printed paper banderole – the Insulation DuoSmart cup by Coveris.

The DuoSmart brand stands for a modern packaging solution combining the functionality of plastic with the attractive appearance of paper. The packaging evokes a premium product image and guarantees a positive consumer experience. Moreover, it supports brand recognition through the numerous branding and promotion opportunities for brand owners.

Caution! Hot content served with comfort

The foamed plastic inner cup has a number of advantagesover otherpackaging materials as it islight,stiffand shows a highthermal resistance. It is the best choice whena goodthermal insulationof the packaged productis required.
The suggested minimum and maximum continuous exposure temperature of polystyrene is -50 °C to +85 °C. However, the cups can also be filled with boiled water, as the drinks cool down to a safe level of 85 °C very fast.  Another advantage: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) does not modify the taste and odour of the packaged products. Itis neither toxicnordoes it causeallergic reactions.

 The cardboard is derived from renewable resources and can be easily removed by consumers when sorting recyclable materials.  A ‘zipper’ option ensures that the inner cup and outer banderole can be separated to different waste streams easily. Virgin cardboard with PEFC or FSC certificates or recycled cardboard are the material options for the banderole, making it a truly sustainable packaging solution.