B & H Labeling Systems (bhlabeling.com ) introduces the Marathon® XLA + O roll-fed labeler for handle orientation at Pack Expo booth #2766. This new labeler achieves label orientation on handled containers with offset spouts up to one gallon in size. Ideal for bleach and other household products as well as vinegar and other foods, the servo-driven Marathon XLA + O offers high speed wrap-around labeling with high operating efficiencies, fast changeovers and a low total cost of ownership.

Featuring an extended infeed conveyor and dual feedscrews that orient each bottle and an orientation starwheel that controls the bottle’s rotation until the leading edge of the roll-fed label is applied, the Marathon XLA + O accurately orients labels to handles with a +/- 0.5 inch (13 mm) tolerance.  Accurate, consistent label placement on containers enhances product appearance and shelf appeal. 
Applying labels up to 20 inches (508 mm) long enables containers up to 6.25 inches (158 mm) in diameter to be fully wrapped. As the first Marathon with handle orientation that labels containers as large as one gallon (3.7 l), the XLA + O offers an attractive alternative to cut-and-stack, stretch sleeve and pressure sensitive labeling.
The Marathon XLA + O labels up to 350 cpm when orienting handled bottles and up to 500 cpm when orientation is not required.  Actual operating speeds are dictated by container size, container geometry and line conditions.
Marathon XLA + O labelers are designed to run change parts for both handled and unhandled containers.  Container changeovers can be achieved in 17 minutes or less with PLC recipe-driven repeatability that sets each servo axis to the appropriate position and eliminates time-consuming manual adjustments. Lightweight, color-coded change parts further ease changeover.
As the newest addition to B & H’s popular Marathon family of roll-fed labelers, the XLA + O features Marathon’s SMARTdrive®, the industry’s first all-electric drivetrain. The Allen-Bradley drivetrain and controls platform consists of Allen-Bradley servo drives, servomotors, PLC and color touchscreen control panel. Based on a five-axis servomotor platform and supported by four variable frequency drives, SMARTdrive replaces the mechanical complexity of other labelers with a dependable, high-performance electronic motion control system.
The Marathon XLA + O features a straight-through configuration. Compared to rotary, cut-and-stack labelers and mechanical stretch sleeve and pressure sensitive labelers, the Marathon XLA + O roll-fed labeler features up to 40 percent fewer mechanical components. The advantages are easier set-up, simpler operation, faster size changeovers, increased uptime and decreased maintenance as well as consistent positional accuracy over the life of the machine.
Like all Marathon labelers, the XLA + O is capable of running containers made of plastic, glass, metal and fiberboard and easily accommodates label materials including paper, PP, BOPP, PVC, PE and PS in single and multi-layer structures.
With B & H’s Intelligent Registration Control System and high-performance Invation® 2.0 cutter, Marathon increases productivity by keeping the labeler in-registration. The standard 8.5 inch (216 mm) Invation cutter handles labels up to 8 inches (203 mm) wide and the optional 10 inch (254 mm) Invation cutter handles labels up to 9.5 inches (241 mm) wide.   The optional Kineti-Coat™ cutter shell finish accommodates stretch-prone labels and those with variable coefficients of friction.
A webtracker controls the vertical placement of the label to +/- 1/32 inch (0.8 mm) to ensure labels are precisely positioned on containers. The optional UV eyemark scanner or back eyemark scanner offer alternatives to the standard front eyemark scanner.
Other options available include an Ethernet communication module that enables the labeler to connect to the plant wide network for data collection and/or communicating with the line control system. An optional remote access module allows B & H field service engineers to access the labeler remotely to assist with troubleshooting. The Marathon XLA + O can also be equipped with a second back-side human machine interface (HMI) which allows operation of the labeler from either side.
Standard features include a glue wheel system with five-zone temperature control and monitoring, dual label roll stands with automatic tensioning system, low-reel alarm and more.