NJM Packaging (njmpackaging.com) introduces the new UNISORT 32 bottle unscrambler at its Pack Expo Booth #2130 in the packaging pavilion and Booth #503 in the pharmaceutical pavilion. This compact unscrambler is ideal for food processors and contract packers. With its advanced design, the UNISORT 32 eases maintenance, improves ergonomics and speeds changeovers.
The stainless steel UNISORT 32 orients and feeds plastic bottles that are round, rectangular or square, from 1.5 to 7.5 inches (38 to 190 mm) in height and from 0.75 to 4 inches (19 to 102 mm) in diameter. With a throughput of up to 160 bottles per minute, based on 100 cc bottles, the UNISORT 32 integrates seamlessly with NJM’s Cremer CF-622 tablet counter as well as other machinery.
Featuring a vertical elevator, the UNISORT 32 offers a compact footprint that is 105 inches (267 cm) long and 56 inches (142 cm) wide, including the infeed hopper, for easy installation in tight production areas.  
NJM designed the UNISORT 32 for fast and easy changeovers. Quick-reference dial indicators for repeatable set-up and finger-touch hand-wheels replace what had been a manual adjustment of heavy belts on previous UNISORT models. Unlike other unscramblers that require the operator to clear bottles from the drawer prior to the next run, the UNISORT 32 features an automatic bottle evacuation at the exit belt. This tool-less changeover, which requires only one segmented change part, can be accomplished in less than five minutes.
Three large, interlocking Lexan guard doors improve ergonomics by easing access to the feed hopper for loading bulk bottles, to the sorter’s centrifugal bowl change part for fast changeovers and to the front of the machine for maintenance. The large, 15 cubic foot (425 liter) hopper offers a run time of 15 to 30 minutes between reloading, depending on the bottle size. NJM can equip the UNISORT 32 with an optional low hopper level light. To further ease use, the counter-rotating sorter automatically clears jams and restarts the system, while the AC motors and simplified transmission minimize maintenance.
An Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 programmable controller controls machine functions, and an Allen-Bradley PanelView C400 color touchscreen presents a simple user interface. Stainless steel construction, sanitary welds, an FDA-compliant polyurethane belt, sealed motors, the elimination of open air jets for bottle orientation and control and GMP design maximize hygiene. An optional air and dust collection vacuum system further improves sanitation by removing loose particles inside the containers.
NJM offers a “total solution” approach that includes full validation support and turnkey line integration services to seamlessly combine best-in-class technologies. NJM’s world-class aftersales support includes standard and extended warranties, preventative maintenance programs and onsite installation, training and ongoing service.