DuPont Packaging Graphics (DuPont, is highlighting new flexographic plate and equipment technologies for the Tag and Label market at the upcoming Labelexpo Americas 2014 on Sept. 9-11 in Rosemont, IL. Shown for the first time at Labelexpo, these new featured products include the DuPont Cyrel® FAST DFUV plate, the DuPont Cyrel® FAST 1001 TD processor and the DuPont Cyrel® FAST DFR plate, all designed to deliver quality, productivity and sustainability benefits to tag and label printers.

The new Cyrel® FAST DFUV flexographic printing plate is designed specifically for the narrow web printer who needs a high-performance plate for use with ultraviolet (UV) curable inks. It is a thermal process plate that comes up to color quickly minimizing startup waste and prints smooth and dense solids, without compromising dot gain, highlights and resolutions. This new plate can improve solid ink density, reduce waste, save time and cost in applications involving high-end substrates such as pressure sensitive and self-adhesives labels. 

For narrow web printers who want a more efficient and more sustainable solvent-free processor, the new Cyrel® FAST 1001 TD is a small format thermal platemaking system that has been redesigned and streamlined for improved dimensional stability and efficiency. The Cyrel® FAST 1001 TD uses a unique thermal management system and multiple roller design to improve clean-out, provide more consistent relief depth and a more uniform floor, especially with thin gauge (.045”) plates often used for tag and label applications.

 Greater productivity also can be achieved using the new Cyrel® FAST DFR flexographic printing plate which has shown significant improvements in run lengths without the need to clean or replace the plates. Offering the benefits of thermal processing, this new plate provides good quality print results with a variety of inks.