Gerhard Schubert GmbH ( will be presenting prototypes of a TLM packaging machine with no electrical cabinet at PackExpo International 2014. This innovation further reduces the life-cycle costs ofrobot-based packaging machines from Schubert. The efficiency, availability and redundancy of these lines are setting new benchmarks for the industry. Operation of the state-of-the-art packaging machines is still as easy and straightforward as before. This means that Schubert’s customers are able to handle their packaging tasks with user-friendly automation in virtually fault-free operation with minimum personnel costs.

The packaging machine on display demonstrates a pick-and-place process. Four-axis TLM-F44 robots pick up small white and black bears from a white product belt and place them onto Transmodules in a pattern.

New performance dimensions for the Vision System

White bears on a white surface – The Vision System is able to detect such products in this low-contrast environment thanks to Schubert's new scanner. The Schubert 3D scanner makes spatial imaging a reality. The height profile provided by the scanner depicts the three-dimensional form of the product to be packaged. The 3D scanner is just as effective when scanning products on a soiled product belt as it is in low-contrast detection.

This innovation opens up attractive possibilities for quality control. For example, a TLM line with the new scanner can detect 3D defectssuch as when a brown sandwich cookie with brown cream is missing its top layer.

If the product density is consistent, the TLM Vision System can determine the weight of each product from the data of the 3D scanner.

This makes it possible to complete individual product patterns within a defined weight range during the grouping process. As a result, the manufacturer can save up to 3 percent in raw materials, depending on the application, as less overproduction is necessary to comply with the legal standard. A setpoint/actual value comparison can also be made for the stack height or stack length in the case of upright placement in boxes.

A packaging machine without a electrical cabinet: Some details 

The prototype of the world's first packaging machine without a electrical cabinet will be on display in North American for the first time at the Pack Expo. The remaining control components are water-cooled. This cooling increases the service life of the electrical system. It also reduces the waste heat of the line. Using a heat exchanger, the customer can utilize the energy from the water cooling system. As with all TLM lines, Schubert uses drive systems with energy feedback, another energy-balancing advantage.

The whole world of TLM technology

On a projection screen spanning three meters, Gerhard Schubert GmbH will be providing information about the rest of its packaging machine range which primarily consists of highly-flexible top-loading machines. The latest in online thermoforming and the new Schubert filling system for liquids are other new technologies which will be presented at the trade show by the Schubert team. The team at Gerhard Schubert GmbH is looking forward to welcoming trade show visitors.