The EyeVision Software ( can be used manyfold. For example also in packaging machines for primary packages. One range of application is in packaging machines for sanitary napkins, panty liner and also incontinence products.

The napkins, which are ejected from the production machine are inspected with an inline quality check for the correct alignment, the geometric contour and the thickness of the product.
Concerning the alignment it focuses especially on the angle of the product axis as well as the position and distance between the products.

The image processing system has to be able to detect panty liner, sanitary napkins and light incontinence products. The products are partly pre-packaged in individual packagings made from plastic or cellulose. The color of the individual wrappings can range from transparent to black.

The EyeVision system has replaced an already existing system. As the required speed increased the system used up till now reached the limit of its capacity. Therefore a flawless production could not be guaranteed any more. With the image process system from EVT 3.000 sanitary napkins are inspected per minute. The distance between the napkins amounts to 30% of the length of the product.

With the EyeVision software and its drag-and-drop function an inspection program was developed, which can reach the required speed while maintaining the accuracy. For the application EVT used the PC-Software with measurement- and blob-commands in combination with a GigE camera with high fps rates.