Packagers seeking improved technology in depalletizing, case erecting, partitioning, case sealing, and palletizingwill find advances for maximizing their packaging productivity from A-B-C Packaging ( at Booth # S- 3530. A-B-C will display five operating machines from their full equipment lineup that also includes, place packers, tray former/packers, decasers and specialty equipment to suit individual needs.

The Model 108 depalletizerruns plastic, glass, metal, and composite containers interchangeably–no special options or change parts required. It depalletizes gently and smoothly at speeds to 4 layers per minute with layer stabilizing mechanisms on both the primary and secondary layers and four-sided container load control. Complete tier sheet control eliminates layer shifting and ensures container stability. The Model 108 is available in both low level and high level models, with discharge heights from 36" to 144”.

A-B-C’s Model 330HS case erector is a solid, mid-range case erector that delivers speeds from 20-40 cpm. This workhorse machine offers a low-level, easy-load case magazine, positive kd feed, self-squaring mechanical case drive, and a servo case sealing ram to ensure top speed, durability and reliability.

The Model 70 Partition Inserter automatically opens and inserts multi-celled lightweight chipboard partitions into RSC, HSC or Tablock cases utilizing efficient servo technology that ensures positive, high speed reliability. This efficient machine is operated by A-B-C's Intelligent Control electronics, to ensure accurate opening and positive placement of partitions into the case. The compact size and in-line design make this partition inserter easy to install between case erector and packer.

The Model 436 case sealer with a super small footprint (only 10’ long) and A-B-C’s trademark rugged construction will satisfy the most challenging case sealing requirements. Quality components include a pacer-belt case transfer that automatically feeds and spaces cases for precision sealing, a rotary tucker for smooth, high speed flap folding, and flexible compression rollers for secure adhesive sealing. Speeds to 75 cpm.

The Model 72A palletizer is a top performing palletizer with features for ultra-smooth case transit, perfect load positioning, and rapid product changeover.  Strong, secure palletloads are guaranteed with programmable sweep bars and squaring devices, whether palletizing cases, bags, trays, multipacks, or plastic totes. High level and low level models are available.