ORBIS Corporation (orbiscorporation.com) announces the re-branding of its entire line of protective dunnage as ORBIShield™. The full suite of dunnage products and solutions from ORBIS will now be available under one, comprehensive brand name.

ORBIS is the industry’s most comprehensive single-source provider for entire systems of containers, pallets, bulk containers and protective dunnage. Custom-designed and constructed with durability in mind, ORBIShield™ dunnage provides the level of part protection required during transit, assembly and storage.

“We are very excited about this evolution and to introduce our full range of dunnage capabilities and solutions to our customers,” says Bob Petersen, Marketing Manager-Industrial, ORBIS Corporation. “As North America’s leader in plastic reusable packaging for the automotive industry, ORBIS has a strong focus on educating the industry about the processes, materials and technology needed to fabricate the best dunnage designs for superior part protection.”

Previously, the ORBIShield™ name was used by the reusable packaging company for a soft, versatile foam dunnage material for Class A surfaces. That dunnage material will now be referred to as CLA-1, and available within the line of ORBIShield™ dunnage offerings.

Popular ORBIShield™ dunnage designs include custom die-cut plastic corrugated divider sets, saw-cut foam inserts, sealed-edge divider sets, pigeon hole dunnage, custom thermoformed trays, sewn fabric bags, foam rails and molded foam inserts. 

With more than 25 years of automotive experience with vehicle launches, and with manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Mexico, leading automotive OEMs and suppliers have come to rely on ORBIS for:

  • Superior part protection and pack densities
  • The most diverse and innovative materials available in the marketplace, with specialty materials available including ESD-protective
  • Designs for ORBIS StakPak totes, hand-held folding containers, BulkPaks or side-loading Maximus containers
  • Support from expert designers
  • Rapid prototyping
  • In-house testing