What's better than a bottle of Uncle Si's Iced Tea? A six-pack! Chinook USA and Duck Commander Family Foods® are introducing shrink-wrapped six-packs for each of the four flavors of Uncle Si’s Iced Tea: Sweet, Un-Sweet, Peach, and Half & Half (half iced tea/half lemonade).

The six-packs are shipping to wholesalers throughout Chinook USA’s 26-state distribution network. The new, registered packaging showcases a beaming picture of “Uncle” Si Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty fame alongside key message points. The packaging was developed in association with Polyking, Inc. of Nokomis, Florida and Sixto Packaging of Opa-Locka, Florida.

 Based on the Robertson family’s traditional recipe, Uncle Si’s Iced Tea is true brewed with premium hand-select teas. Uncle Si’s Iced Tea also features natural ingredients and real juices, minus powders and synthetics.