High speed sealing for small, lightweight cases only three inches tall was the challenge presented to A-B-C Packaging (abcpackaging.com). The solution was a case sealer with unique features to ensure total case control while automatically feeding back-to-back cases, positively folding the inner flaps, and gently closing and sealing the large outer flaps at speeds to 50 cases per minute.

The pacer belt case transfer automatically spaces each case whether they are fed apart or back-to-back. The side belt transfer is designed to control the lightweight cases as they are conveyed. The inner flaps are positively folded and closed by the servo-operated rotating inner flap tucker and A-B-C’s contoured, cast aluminum folders crease and fold the large outer flaps as cases are transferred. The unique design of the flap folders ensures proper folding and square cases, even if running corrugated with poor scorelines. Cases are sealed with tape by an exterior-mounted tape head that enables quick and easy roll replacement.

 At only 10’ long x 3’ wide, this sealer has a space-saving small footprint–but this is no lightweight machine. With a heavy gauge stainless steel frame and welded and bolted construction, it is built to ensure reliable, long-term operation. Gull-wing style high visibility doors securely enclose the machine and halt production when opened. Features for reduced maintenance include sealed bearings and self-lubricated pneumatics. Changeover is completed in minutes with only three manual adjustments.