Fogg Filler’s( new VSE-30 cap sorter will maximize the efficiency of caps being sorted on high-speed packaging lines. 

Fogg’s new VSE-30 cap sorter is a larger version of the field proven VSE-18. The cap elevation track is now 30 inches wide to sort caps faster than ever.  It will sort a size range of 20 mm-70 mm sport and flat caps at 300-1,800 caps per minute depending on cap size and type.   

This sorter has 304 stainless steel construction and is washdown safe, making it a great fit for all high speed lines. It has a variable speed prefeeder to accommodate changes in production. There are visual inspection ports for operator ease and it is fully programmable with an Allen-Bradley PLC touchscreen to keep production running with confidence. 

Optional features include HEPA filtration to reduce the possibility of cap contamination, a gas assist lid function for operator ease, and positive pressure in the clean air environment of the cap hopper for another level of sanitation.

Any Fogg Tote Dumper can be integrated to the VSE-30 cap sorter with an extended hopper and can also be retrofitted to most lines, including competitors.