Nercon( this high-throughput Singulator system with Intralox® ARBTM technology.  Rollers integrated into the Intralox® belting (ARBTM) are configured at 0, 30, 45 and 60 degrees in a series of four sections that provide high speed and highly accurate alignment.

In this application, the system was designed to handle random flow and multiple sized products from five infeed lanes at 300 ppm (pieces per minute.) The first ARBTM section provided a centering merge, followed by two additional centering sections with speed changes that created gaps to handle the high volume product flow. And the last section provided the rail alignment as products exited the system. Advantages of this system:
  • No changeover is required between product sizes.

  • Several product types and sizes can be combined in the Singulator.

  • Minimal controls are required.

  • High speeds and high accuracy (99%)

  • Adaptable to future product additions or product recipe changes.

  • Reduced breakdowns and jams from the open-architecture design and absence of guide rails and gating.

  • Maintenance efficiencies are created from less components required for this solution, as well as the ease of replacing chain sections in the modular chain (ARBTM ) concept.
Common applications include spiral out-feed locations, accumulation discharge areas, merges, receiving and descrambling processes. The ARBTM Singulator is engineered for the applications with considerations of rate and product mix to determine the configuration of sections to be used.

Nercon is a well know designer, line integrator and manufacturer of packaging and process conveyors and material handling equipment. The company has over 35 years of experience providing engineered conveyor systems to manufacturers of consumer products through North America.