The CP-WCP Wrap Around Case Packer uses AFA Systems’ ( innovative gantry robot case erector system and Flat Stack MagazineTM to erect the wrap around cases. This system also includes servo driven changeover technology for the case magazine. Operators simply have to place a stack of wrap around cases on the magazine and the system will automatically adjust to the different sizes. Several support systems can be added to the CP-WCP including labellers, ink jet printers, bar code readers, tray denestors and much more. Heavy duty frame allows for 24/7 operation and long machinery life.

Innovative Infeed Systems are also available from AFA Systems. One particular application included a vision system to ensure water filters are correctly oriented, a robotic tray denester to pick and place end caps on the water filter and a leaflet gripping mechanism. After all items are secured, they are all simultaneously end loaded into the wrap around case. This infeed system allowed the end user to complete three separate processes (tray denesting, leaflet feeding and product loading) on one system: the CP-WCP.

Wrap Around Case Packers typically use gantry robot case erectors for handling the case. Benefits of using wrap around cases include case magazine can hold twice as many cases as typical RSCs. Also, wrap around cases offer greater column strength and help pallet efficiencies. 

Intuitive Allen Bradley PanelView screens are standard on the CP-WCP to allow access to servo motor control, recipe changes, machine operation statistics and more. The CP-WCP is equipped with an Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC and servo motors for reliable operation and accurate fault diagnostics. Numerous options are available including bar code readers, extended case magazines, All-Axis Servo Changeover, and open flap detectors.