HERMA (herma.com) has developed the new HERMAlaser sheet 50 label paper, an especially lightweight and supple material that ensures the permanent, safe labelling of surfaces with small radii. It is especially suited for use in pharmaceutical applications, e.g. in hospitals or laboratories.

“The new material’s low weight minimizes the stiffness and thereby the ‘restoring force’ of the labels. The latter is especially noticeable when labelling delicate objects such as ampoules or syringes. But in such cases, good adhesion is essential – accidentally detached labels might have serious consequences”, says Ralf Drache, head of sales at HERMA.

 The combination with HERMA’s permanent adhesive 62Z ensures optimal results. The surface of HERMAlaser sheet 50 is designed for excellent printability and toner keying with all xerographic printing processes. The label sheets are therefore suitable for desktop laser printers, copiers, and many inkjet printers. The paper is approved according to the BfR recommendation XXXVI (Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment). It can therefore be safely used for food packaging and can be in direct contact with dry and fatty foodstuffs. The adhesive 62Z also features an approval for dry, moist, and fatty foodstuffs. Additionally, it can also be used for the direct labelling of blood bags which are used to store and transport blood donations and require especially reliable identification.