Graco ( Advanced Fluid Dispense (AFD), a world leader in fluid handling products and systems, announces the new InvisiPac® GM100 Plug-Free™ Hot Melt Applicator, which offers all the benefits of plug-free adhesive dispensing in a compact design. The InvisiPac GM100 easily fits into tight spaces and mounts seamlessly into existing packaging lines currently using competitive alternatives. An optional component designed for use with Graco’s InvisiPac Tank-Free™ Hot Melt Delivery System, the GM100 is ideal for both original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and end user packaging equipment for the food and beverage industry.

Fast and long-lasting, the applicator features an innovative, patent-pending module tip filter that eliminates nozzle plugging to guarantee more uptime. The GM100 warms up in less than 10 minutes, and operates at up to 10,000 cycles per minute. Featuring air-open/air-close technology, the GM100 lets users accurately place beads or stitch with great hygiene, allowing you to hit the first bead every time. The solenoid lasts up to 150 million cycles with no performance impact – easily five times longer than the leading competitor. The module can hit 1 billion cycles in high-speed stitching applications. 

The GM100 is available in several configurations, all of which are listed under the UL 499 standard, a third party safety certification for heated appliances.

With the InvisiPac GM100 Plug-Free Hot Melt Applicator, users can experience a new era in hassle-free operation – a hot melt system that runs reliably, unnoticed and invisible.