RockTenn’s ( Nicholasville, KY, folding carton team set two world records in March 2015. The team earned the first record by printing more than 9 million sheets in one month, and the second by printing more than 357,000 sheets in one day. Both records were set on the KBA ( Rapida 164 64-inch seven-color plus coater press, which was installed in May 2014.

“We salute the Nicholasville team for its outstanding success in setting these world production records,” says Craig Gunckel, RockTenn’s executive vice president of merchandising displays and folding carton. “These milestones are a testament to our truly engaged workforce, and we’re honored to have them on our team.”

To put the 9 million sheets achievement in perspective, the number of average size sheets printed and laid end-to-end equals the length of more than 142,500 football fields or three cross-county flights from New York to Los Angeles.

 “These amazing feats were accomplished with hard work, dedication and the tremendous pride of our skilled, team-motivated members,” says Kenny Knipschild, general manager of the Nicholasville plant. “We were pushed to new limits and learned a lot. It was a win for both our customers and our team.”