Zip-Pak (, a global leader in zipper technology, was named Supplier of the Year for 2014 by Tyson Foods, Inc. at a luncheon held Friday, April 3, at the Tyson Foods World Headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas. This marks the tenth year for the Tyson Foods annual recognition program. Zip-Pak was one of eight suppliers to be acknowledged at the event.

Zip-Pak provides zipper solutions for a number of Tyson Foods brand chicken, beef and pork products that are marketed in resealable flexible packaging. Zip-Pak was selected for the award based on supply-chain performance, total cost of ownership, pricing programs, customer-service performance, sustainability initiatives and other performance metrics observed by Tyson Foods throughout the year.

Along with several individuals from Tyson Foods’ leadership, packaging and purchasing teams, representatives from Zip-Pak in attendance at the event included: Dave Atkinson, vice president/general manager; Art Malcomson, director of sales & marketing; Dave Quinn, key account manager; Lisa Zoran, customer service supervisor; and Rochelle Conner, customer service.

Upon receiving the award, Malcomson said, “We are grateful to be acknowledged by Tyson Foods. This achievement represents the dedicated efforts of so many Zip-Pak personnel throughout our company who work hard every day to support our customers with the highest quality zipper solutions. It also signifies the great and long-standing partnership between Tyson Foods and Zip-Pak, together always striving to deliver outstanding products to the marketplace. We look forward to the journey ahead, and to continuing to reaffirm Tyson Foods’ recognition of Zip-Pak as a key supplier for the success of their brands.”

Tyson Foods President and CEO Donnie Smith addressed the luncheon, thanking the winners for their hard work as business partners during 2014, and recognizing their abilities to drive out costs, while also driving efficiency. Also in attendance was Melanie Russell, senior vice president of procurement for Tyson Foods, who said, “We believe it’s important for us to recognize our top suppliers, since they’re an important part of our success as a company.” Mike Roetzel, Tyson Foods group vice president of operation services, and Craig Bacon, senior vice president of research and development for Tyson Foods, also took part in the event.