TricorBraun (, a leader in the design and development of packaging for a wide range of industry segments, has relocated its Quality Assurance Laboratory from its Buffalo Engineering Center to the TricorBraun Design & Innovation Center in Oak Brook, Illinois.

“Close collaboration between our QA Team and our Package Development Specialists has always been a critical part of our design strategy. We have now streamlined that interaction by placing them together under one roof” says Jon-Paul Genest, TricorBraun vice president of engineering & technical services. “In addition, many of our customers visit the Design & Innovation Center to collaborate with our designers as their packaging is being created, and can now experience first hand the value of the QA Lab in the development of their packaging.”

As packaging is being designed and engineered, Genest continues, the QA Lab is a valuable tool that enables TricorBraun to validate concepts, models and prototypes as they are being developed, ensuring that the finished package will perform as designed. Over time, the Lab’s involvement also continues to add to TricorBraun’s already vast knowledge base of packaging technology.

“That knowledge,” says Genest, “enables us to consistently create packaging solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers.”
The Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated measuring systems, as well as a multitude of package performance testing capabilities. The TricorBraun QA Lab has the capabilities to support the entire Package Development life cycle, from material selection, through design validations and establishing manufacturing line settings, to performance testing.