Noosa packerA taste from Down Under is rapidly capturing Americans’ fancy, and Noosa Finest Yoghurt is experiencing dramatic growth as it delivers more and more of its flavorful product to U.S. consumers.

In just four years, Colorado-based Noosa has developed into a national brand of yogurts based on an Australian recipe that infuses honey into a protein-rich blend of whole milk, cream and pureed fruit.

Based on Morning Fresh Dairy Farm in Bellvue, Noosa Finest Yoghurt is finding that demand continues to drive added capacity. The product is available in 50 states at national retailers such as Whole Foods, Kroger, Safeway and Target. Consequently, by the end of 2014, Noosa will be running four production lines, said Robert Graves, vice president of engineering and co-founder of Noosa, and Wade Groetsch, CEO.

For complete details on how Noosa has designed its plants and packaging technology to meet this demand, see “Case packer helps yogurt maker keep up with orders” on