Federal Mfg. (federalmfg.com), powered by Pro Mach, launches a new series of level filling machines for shelf-stable beverages and viscous foods. Federal’s design offers customers an improvement in changeover time and hygienic construction that simply were not available until now. These machines, depending on their configuration, are ideal level fillers for shelf-stable juices and drinks, as well as salad dressing, salsa, ketchup, and other viscous sauces.

Shelf-stable beverage container size ranges from 6 to 32 ounces and the viscous filler from 4 ounces to a gallon. Filling speed is rated at hundreds per minute, depending on container size. For example, one of these new machines fills viscous hot sauce in quart containers at a rate of 350 per minute.

One of the design breakthroughs involves adding positive pressure and siphon-like suction to level-filling valves in a two-vessel design. For viscous foods, this design eliminates the need for pistons, which tend to require considerable time to clean and change over when a new container size runs on the line. The two-vessel system also accommodates heated or insulated tanks for filling shelf-stable beverages. These machines feature stainless steel 3-A certified sanitary construction for the utmost in hygienic filling equipment. Full clean-in-place capabilities are available.