The 2402 multimode retort by Allpax, a product brand of ProMach, offers the capability for developing innovative shelf-stable food and enabling rapid preparation for production.

The model purchased by the NC Food Innovation Lab and on display at Pack Expo features rotary and horizontal agitation and saturated steam and water immersion modes. This retort also features the new pressure profiler from Allpax. The pressure profiler delineates cook and cooling process parameters that ensure package integrity by minimizing package deformation and stress during the sterilization process.

The large number of process combinations and profiles available from the 2402 multimode retort delivers the capability to develop entirely new product categories or refresh existing products with improved quality and taste. 

The multimode retort processes all types of packaging including metal or plastic cans; glass or plastic bottles; glass jars; plastic or plastic cups, trays or bowls; fiberboard containers; plastic or foil laminate pouches, etc. The compact unit can be purchased or leased. 

Allpax will be featuring the retort machine atPack Expo, Sept. 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Following the event, the show unit will be delivered to one of Allpax’s latest customers, the North Carolina (NC) Food Innovation Lab. Visit Allpax at booth #C-3416.