The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI) (, launched a new campaign to promote the aluminum can as a superior package for specialty and premium beverages, based on new data regarding consumer sentiment. The campaign, Open up to Cans, will enlighten and inspire the beverage industry about the benefits of the aluminum can in four core areas: product taste, innovation, performance and sustainability.

“Our new consumer data proves that aluminum cans continue to be the perfect container for all beverages,” says CMI President Robert Budway. “Open Up to Cans promotes the benefits that matter to consumers and brand owners alike. The campaign will serve as an educational platform for beverage brands and packaging companies to access research proof points to show why the can is the package of choice across multiple beverage categories.”

New consumer research confirms a strong preference for cans.

The research author, Grant Prentice, director of strategic initiatives at Food Minds, says “Consumers enjoy their favorite beverages in cans, especially in key growth areas across the beverage industry, such as energy drinks and craft beers. They are also influenced by the 360-degree branding experience, taste integrity and infinite recyclability offered by the can, as well as new innovations in product packaging.”

To create a hub for the new data and consumer research, CMI launched a new website,, as an educational resource for beverage packaging professionals and brands to learn more about the benefits of the can.