The Can Manufacturers Institute (CMI, announces the launch of Cans: The Sustainable & Smart Solution, a new website that promotes the benefits of metal cans as the best packaging choice for food and beverages. The interactive microsite, which includes insightful data and videos, focuses on cans’ sustainability and the compelling reasons for choosing cans.

Cans: The Sustainable & Smart Solution will serve as a comprehensive resource for packaging professionals, brand owners, retailers and consumers to learn about the can's premier environmental profile," says Megan Daum, CMI’s vice president of sustainability. “U.S. consumers are taking sustainable packaging into account when making their purchasing decisions. This microsite will provide accurate and easy-to-understand information about the can's great sustainability story.”

Cans: The Sustainable & Smart Solution serves as a helpful resource of facts and figures about the can’s environmental, safety-related and economic advantages, including:

  • The sustainability of cans, which are the most recycled food and beverage containers in the United States.  
  • The can’s ability to maintain product integrity by keeping out air, retaining intended taste, while being shatter proof and tamper resistant.
  • The cost effectiveness of cans due to the high recycling rates. Each generation of recycled cans is just as strong as the last, but carries a smaller cost.
  •  Innovations made possible by new manufacturing technologies, which allow brand owners to customize the can experience.
  • Consumer preferencefor sustainable packaging. In fact, 7 out of 10 adults say they would purchase a product because its packaging is better for the environment.
  • Cans have a significant impact on the U.S. economy.  Americans earn $12.47 billion in wages from jobs related to the can industry.

 “Sustainability is such an important issue to CMI and its members,” says Robert Budway, CMI’s president. “We are excited about this initiative to educate the packaging and retailer communities about the environmental benefits of cans. The new website will act as an important educational resource as U.S. can manufacturers continue to develop innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.”

 To view the new website, Cans: The Sustainable & Smart Solution, and to learn about the environmental impact of cans, please visit