A top-quality product is important to acquire and maintain customers, but it won't attract consumers without appealing and accessible packaging that complements it. Two factors that help achieve ideal product packaging include closures and applicators. Closures are responsible for providing customers with easy-to-open packaging, while label applicators provide containers with attractive labels that best express the product brand. Both of these aspects can greatly enhance the consumer-friendliness of bottles and other types of closable containers.

Here are some of the many reasons you should use closures and applicators to for your packaging designs.

Using Closures to Improve Package Accessibility
When consumers purchase a product, they don't want to struggle reaching it with challenging packaging that doesn't provide an easy means of opening. With the use of an effective closure, customers can easily open and close a bottle, clamshell package, blister pack or other type of container. Closures can come in the form of caps, covers, plugs, lids, and other types of seals.

There are several reasons for utilizing effective closures other than improving accessibility:

• Make it easier to dispense products
• Improve the longevity of perishable products with an airtight seal when closed
• Prevent damage to products caused by tools used to get through difficult-to-open packages
• Protect packages from dirt, moisture and other contaminating factors

Depending on the type of container, companies can use a variety of closures to seal their products, including screw tops, crown caps, snap on closures, friction fit lids, tamper resistant caps, dispensers, and more. Attributes such as liners, neck finishes, dispensers and thread types also factor in to the type of closure a container will use.

Convenient closures help eliminate "wrap rage", a term used to describe what consumers experience frustration while opening packages, which often results in damage to both the product and its packaging and can even potentially cause injuries to consumers. Companies can also apply custom designs to certain closures to help them better express their brands, while at the same time adding easy access to their products for improved customer satisfaction.

Applying High-Quality Labels with Label Applicators
While practicality in packaging is highly important, the overall design of the packaging is just as vital. Label applicators can apply customized labels for containers at speeds of up to thousands of labels per minute, keeping the manufacturing process efficient. Applicators can dispense labels of various sizes and shapes and attach them to your packaging for complete customization. A reliable applicator dispenses paper, Mylar or clear labels that won't detach from the packaging or fade easily, further establishing brands as industry leaders.

With labels of the highest quality, consumers are much more likely to consider that product over competitors'. The right label applicator implemented in a production line will experience no depreciation in label quality, maintaining consistent output that meets company and industry standards.

Product labels should visually accompany the packaging itself as well. For example, brands can incorporate colored packaging that complements the logo. Transparent plastic or glass packages may benefit from clear labels with mild coloration and a simple company logo so customers have the benefit of viewing the product.

Produce Unrivaled Packaging for Products
Packaging closures and applicators are both needed to create effective packaging that appeals to current and prospective customers. Efficient closures make product packaging more practical and accessible, while applicators ensure that packages have visually appealing labels that accurately express the product brand.

If your packages are easy to open as much as they are appealing, you will attract a wider range of customers. Closures and applicators, along with other packaging equipment, help companies accomplish this.