Uhlmann Packaging Systems LP (uhlmannpackaging.com), a worldwide leader in pharmaceutical packaging, offers a wide spectrum of Track-and-Trace solutions to help companies ensure compliance with today’s expanding global drug serialization requirements. Uhlmann’s Track-and-Trace solutions offer a platform and architecture covering the entire spectrum of specifications governing the pharmaceutical packaging process, and provide a serialization infrastructure that meets diverse market requirements.

As the global footprint of the pharmaceutical industry continues to expand, the scale and scope of producing products and moving them through the supply chain network is becoming increasingly complex, necessitating solutions designed to meet a broad array of market requirements. In the United States, for example, pharmaceutical companies are moving toward full, item-level drug serialization to meet the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) mandate for manufacturers to mark packages with a product identifier, serial number, lot number, and expiration date by 2017. Many companies also are beginning to prepare for 2023, when the DSCSA will require electronic serial number-based tracing of drugs throughout the supply chain (Enhanced Drug Distribution Security (EDDS).

Uhlmann’s solutions can be incorporated into new lines, retrofitted, or implemented as standalone systems, and can be easily integrated with the lines of other manufacturers. They allow for the integration of both hardware and software, line database solutions, and site management systems with defined interfaces to customer IT systems.

The Uhlmann portfolio includes a variety of printing technologies and label application options, intelligent OCR/OCV inspection systems, and printing and marking systems. Its serialization platform offers modules for printing, inspection, weighing, and tamper-evident labeling. To ensure professional project management, the company’s dedicated Track-and-Trace professionals work to ensure a seamless connection to company IT systems and – when necessary for reporting purposes – external entities such as government databases in Asia or Europe.

Sabri Demirel, sales manager for Uhlmann Packaging Systems, says, “Benefitting from more than a decade of serialization experience, Uhlmann’s flexible Track-and-Trace solutions are ideally suited to help pharmaceutical companies implement effective serialization infrastructures that meet compliance mandates with minimal business disruption.”